What is ForwarderLink?

ForwarderLink is an online trading platform designed to provide fast quotations and immediate cargo insurance to cargo owners.

Who provides ForwarderLink?

The ForwarderLink facility is provided by Chaucer Syndicates Limited on behalf of their Lloyd’s Syndicate 1084 and China Re a leading reinsurer in China, and one of the top 10 reinsurance companies in the world.

Who can use ForwarderLink?

It can be used by freight logistics providers, insurance brokers, agents and other freight industry parties involved in the transport chain. To use ForwarderLink you will need to be an approved user.

Can I obtain a quote for cargo insurance without first being approved?

You will need to be an approved user to access the ForwarderLink quotation engine.

How can I find out what my voyage code is?

Simply click here to use the voyage calculator. 

What does an “approved user” mean?

"Approved user" means that one of our underwriters has approved you to use the ForwarderLink website.

How do I become an approved user?

The answer depends upon the nature of your business.

If you are an insurance broker or agent and you already have a business placing agreement with an Underwriter for this service, then please contact your ForwarderLink underwriter. However, if you do not have an agreement, then one will be required.

If you are a freight forwarder or other logistics entity or cargo owner then initially you should contact your insurance broker or agent and ask them to contact their underwriter for ForwarderLink. If you do not have an insurance broker or agent, then please contact the ForwarderLink underwriters.

How long will it take for me to become an approved user?

Your insurance broker or agent will need to submit an application for insurance to a ForwarderLink underwriter and once this is complete, access to ForwarderLink can be provided in just 30 minutes, depending on the underwriter’s availability.

Will I need to pay to use ForwarderLink?

You will not pay a fee to use the ForwarderLink system. ForwarderLink cargo insurance is available on a Pay as you Go basis. This means that premiums will only be payable as cargo insurance is booked.

I have never arranged cargo insurance previously, is ForwarderLink easy to use?

ForwarderLink is an easy to use website and full explanations of the cover available to purchase are provided during the purchase process. There is help available on the website including, demonstration videos and easy to follow user manuals to help guide you through the process.

How do I contact the ForwarderLink Underwriters?

To contact an underwriter please click here

Is the cargo insurance cover provided by ForwarderLink on standard industry recognised conditions or insurances?

Yes. Whilst some parts of the cover are bespoke to underwriters and your agreement with them, the main clauses are internationally recognised.

How long does it take to bind insurance cover on a single consignment?

Provided that you have all of the information necessary, a certificate of marine cargo insurance can be issued in less than two minutes.

How long does it take to receive a certificate of marine cargo insurance?

Certificates of marine cargo insurance are issued electronically in pdf format instantly to your desktop. A copy will also be sent by ForwarderLink by email to your chosen email address accompanied by an invoice for the premium.

How will I pay my premium?

Each certificate of marine cargo insurance that is issued will generate an invoice for the premium amount. At the end of each month the underwriters will send you a statement of account detailing all outstanding invoices that are due for payment with full payment instructions.

Who handles claims?

The claims agent that will handle any claim will be stated upon the certificate of marine cargo insurance once issued. Cargo claims are usually handled in the country of destination and underwriters or claims agents will usually administer the claim in that country. Claims will usually be paid to the legal owner of the cargo at the time of presentation of the claim.

Will I need to be involved in the claims process?

Generally no, but you may be asked to provide information of documentation by underwriters or claims agents in certain circumstances. Cargo claims are usually handled in the country of destination and underwriters will usually administer the claim in that country.

What is your Brexit approach?

Following Britain's exit from the EU, our European clients can access the benefits of our expertise, products and security through our insurance company in Dublin, Chaucer Insurance Company DAC, whose international specialty product range mirrors that of Chaucer Syndicate 1084 in London, enabling us to provide either syndicate or company paper, depending on client preferences.

Chaucer Insurance Company has a UK branch to provide access to specialty underwriting expertise in London.  Chaucer Insurance Company benefits from the full support of China Re, our parent company, and has an A from AM Best and A- financial strength rating from Standard & Poor’s. 

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