Standard policy

Your policy, which is the insurance contract once agreed by ForwarderLink Underwriters, is comprised of: 

Standard Policy

Policy wording is made up of three sections:

  1. Standard Conditions (PDF) including the applicable Institute Cargo Clauses stated
  2. Interests (PDF) including information on excluded goods
  3. Countries (PDF) for help working out your voyage code please click HERE and use the calculator

Policy Schedule & Special Projects

How to access the policy schedule:

Log in to the ForwarderLink client website using your user ID and password

  1. Select the menu option "Policy Schedule" to display your schedule including rates which can then be printed
  2. Also available to print are any Special Projects that have been agreed by ForwarderLink Underwriters and any Certificates of Marine Cargo Insurance issued

Certificates of Marine Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance cover for a particular shipment:

The cargo insurance cover for a particular shipment will be in place provided that a Certificate of Marine Cargo Insurance has been issued correctly within the ForwarderLink website and is in accordance with the policy wording.